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We built Delicut on nothing but a dream to make healthy and gourmet food affordable, accessible and convenient.
We noticed that it was almost impossible for the end consumer to get top-quality food at reasonable prices. The markups were insane, and we believed busy people and families deserved better.
So, we set out to build the business that should have existed years ago. We bring you exciting flavorful healthy meals curated by our panel of expert chefs, and package it into airtight, stay-fresh packaging that stays fresh in your fridge so you can enjoy the utmost quality without paying the utmost price.

Our Story
Our Values
CREATE WIN -WIN SCENARIOSFrom our customers to our partners we contract with, we aren’t just driving a business – we’re sparking joy. If you’re not thrilled, we’re not done.
BE ACCOUNTABLEThat means doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Every item we sell is packaged and prepared in a HACCP and ISO certified kitchen by experienced, safety-focused staff members who take pride in their work. It’s not just about being safe – it’s about doing what’s right. That’s why we also source our products from sustainable sources and use eco-friendly practices.
KEEP GROWINGWe hire based on potential and character, not fancy resumes. We like to build people up and inspire rather than expecting every team member to just be a cog in the machine. We take the same attitude with our dishes, and we’re always hunting for flavorful, impressive new recipes to bring you.
STRIVE FOR AWESOMEWhether it’s our own self-growth or the business at large, it’s always a good idea to set big goals. Without ambition, we’re nothing. There are a thousand other ready meal companies, but nobody combines convenience, freshness, flavor and price quite like Delicut – and we intend to keep it that way!
BE ATTENTIVE AND VOCALWe’re all in this together, and if there’s a problem or room for improvement, speak up! If we’re not developing, we’re not working. Whether you’re a customer or employee, our ears are always open.
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