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Time Savings Calculator

Does cooking consume your day? Find out here.
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Because of time constraints, I was either eating out or ordering in on a daily basis. I also tried multiple meal plans and subscriptions but it was Delicut meal plan that actually struck a chord with me. Their dedication to customer service is phenomenal. I highly recommend Delicut.
Jollene A
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The cooking time-saving calculator estimates how much time you can save per week by choosing Delicut’s meal plans over traditional meal preparation and cooking. It factors in meal preparation, cooking, grocery shopping, and meal planning times, comparing them against the time it takes to order, receive, and consume a Delicut meal plan.

While the primary function of this calculator is to estimate time savings rather than specific cooking or meal preparation aspects, you can adjust the number of meals and average time spent on various cooking-related activities to reflect your personal or household situation for a customized time-saving estimate.

The calculator provides a generalized estimate of time savings and does not differentiate between specific cooking methods. It's designed to give you an overall view of the time you could save by opting for Delicut meals compared to traditional cooking routines.

Yes, the calculator is suitable for estimating time savings across all types of recipes and meals. It focuses on the overall time spent on meal-related activities, offering insights regardless of the specific dishes or recipes you usually prepare.

The accuracy of the time-saving estimates depends on the accuracy of the input you provide. While the calculator offers a general guide to potential time savings, personal cooking speed, meal complexity, and shopping habits can influence the actual time saved.

The recommendations provided by the calculator are based on the inputs you provide, offering a credible estimate of the time you could save by using Delicut’s meal plans. These recommendations can help you make informed decisions about meal planning and preparation.

Yes, the calculator considers both prep time and cooking time in its estimates, along with grocery shopping and meal planning time. This comprehensive approach ensures you get a full picture of the potential time savings with Delicut’s meal plans.
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