Budget-Friendly Tips for Eating Healthy with Delicut

Budget-Friendly Tips for Eating Healthy with Delicut

Healthy eating in the UAE is nothing short of a challenge. The abundance of tempting dining options all over the Emirates means you have to fight your urges every time you have a meal. Especially for those on a tight budget, munching on carb-filled delicacies is the go-to option. That’s because choosing healthy options is often quite expensive, and more so in the Emirates.

While Dubai and Abu Dhabi are among the best cities to live in the 21st century, they’re also among the most expensive ones. Wherever you go, you’ll find opulence and grandeur, which also indicates high living standards. This makes life for newcomers, especially those from Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe, quite overwhelming. Finding a pocket-friendly lifestyle is challenging for those struggling to blend into the UAE highlife. Thankfully, Delicut, a food delivery platform, is here to solve your problem.

Delicut offers a variety of healthy and budget-friendly meal options, making it easier for expatriates and visitors to stick to their healthy eating goals without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ve brought some tips and tricks to make the most out of Delicut. From meal planning and choosing nutritious and affordable foods to cook at home and eating healthy on the go, we’ve comprehensively covered how to take advantage of Delicut's choicest selections.

Plan Your Meals Ahead with Delicut

One of the easiest ways to eat healthily on a budget is by planning ahead. Scan the healthy options available and select the ones that fit your budget. Once you’ve got the list of the choices that suit you, allocate them to your every meal. Delicut offers an easy-to-use healthy meal planner tool to help you do just that. The tool lets you browse Delicut's vast selection of healthy meal options and create a weekly meal plan.

Planning ahead will save you time and money and help you avoid the temptation of unhealthy food options when hunger strikes. With Delicut's food delivery service, it’s easier for you to stick to your meal plan and schedule deliveries as per your plan. Moreover, planning in advance will also let you include as many variations of the options available and try as many healthy dishes as possible without rushing through.

Optimize Delicut's Meal Plan Selection

While trying to choose healthy food options, one of the biggest challenges is to find something per one’s taste and preferences. Fortunately, that won’t be the case when using Delicut. We offer a wide selection of healthy meal options that won't break the bank. You can explore their affordable meal options and choose from a variety of cuisines to satisfy your cravings without overspending.

However, the game changer is Delicut's meal plan selection which gives you the power to design the perfect diet for your body type and pocket size. You can choose from three types of diets - low calorie (under 500 Kcal), balanced (550-650 Kcal), and high calorie or gain (over 650 Kcal). You can also choose the time of meals you want - breakfast, lunch or dinner. Combine that with the regularly available deals and discounts, and you’ll save a lot without compromising health or taste.


Choose Nutritious and Budget-Friendly Foods

Finding nutrition-dense and affordable foods is essential when it comes to eating healthily on a budget. While many food items are rich in nutrition, those dense in them can help you save time and money big time. Experts at Delicut curate a well-researched and hand-picked list of food items to match your health and budget requirements. Thus, you can easily find foods with the most nutrition per bite and pick the ones that fit your budget.

Some of the budget-friendly nutrition-dense foods that Delicut offers include tofu, eggs, legumes, etc. Additionally, you can add fruits and vegetables to your meals for added vitamins, minerals, and fibres. Delicut pairs vegetables such as broccoli, kale, tomatoes, and leafy greens with proteins like beef, chicken and prawns for a well-rounded meal without burning a hole in your pocket. All you have to do is explore the available options, consult a healthy meal planner, and choose what suits you best.

Cook at Home with Delicut

While many consider cooking therapeutic, preparing your own food is a tried and tested method of saving money. Buying the ingredients or getting them delivered and preparing your meal will be substantially more affordable than dining out at a humble eatery. Moreover, having control over the ingredients lets you avoid harmful chemicals and preservatives often found in packaged food. However, cooking sounds simpler than it actually is. Preparing a tasty meal is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Delicut's cooking resources and recipes make it easier to do so. Once you’ve got the ingredients, you can order ready-to-cook packages from Delicut’s scrumptious options. All you need to do is find a tempting recipe and use the ingredients as directed. Delicut offers appetizers, seafood, and BBQ boxes in the ready-to-cook form, so you don’t have to worry about marinating the meat or blending the right spices. Moreover, you can frequently find mouth-watering recipes posted on Delicut’s blog and social media channels.

Eating Healthy on the Go

The times when you’re in a hurry are the times when most people eat unhealthy junk. That needs to stop if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While you could or couldn’t control time, you can certainly replace those greasy cheeseburgers with something healthier. Delicut specifically addresses this issue by letting you plan and schedule your deliveries beforehand. You can have your meals delivered anywhere in the Emirates. In most cities, you can get your meal early, even before 7.30 am. Likewise, you can also get your food delivered as late as 10 pm.

Delicut offers dishes that you can eat anywhere, anytime. You could travel on the bus and munch delicious appetizers like Cocktail Prawns. Or, just after your morning jog, you can have quick nutrient-rich meals like Burrata Cheese Salad or a Mussle Pot. With Delicut, you can rest assured that whatever you eat is healthy and hygienic.