Seafood Meal Bundle

Seafood Meal Bundle

Seafood Meal Bundle

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All meals will be delivered at once. Convenient & calorie counted Heat & Eat meals delivered at your doorstep. Perfect meals for office or home. You can heat in microwave or oven. Freshly made and beautifully packed in airtight eco-friendly containers that keep the food fresh for 5 days in your fridge.

Scroll down to see the set menu. Free next day delivery.

Order now, save money and enjoy our delicious and gourmet meals at your convenience. No preservatives. Clean and fresh ingredients, convenient and affordable.

This meal bundle consists of 5 seafood meals delivered at once:

Day 1: Salmon & Green Beans (624 Kcal | Fat 20g | Carb. 69g | Protein 38g)
Day 2: Sea Bass Blanca & Spinach (747 Kcal | Protein 26g | Carbs 93g | Fat 30g)
Day 3: Local Wild Fish Fajita and Red Rice (529 Kcal | Fat 18g | Carbs. 61g | Protein 34g)
Day 4: Salmon Coconut Curry & Quinoa (604 Kcal | Protein 35g | Carbs 65g | Fat 22g)
Day 5: Pesto Fusilli & Prawns (566 Kcal | Protein 30g | Carbs 76g | Fats 16g)

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