Pesto Fusilli Pasta

Pesto Fusilli Pasta

Pesto Fusilli Pasta

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Gourmet quality heat & eat meal. Basil pesto fusilli pasta with your choice of protein.

All Delicut meals are freshly made upon your order, packed in airtight special container to last absolutely fresh in your fridge for minimum 3 days. Plan your meals for the week and save tons of money that your spend on eating out or taking out.  

Free delivery across the UAE. Minimum order AED 100.

Nutrition Facts:

With Shrimps: 566 Kcal | Protein 30g | Carbs 76g | Fat 16g
With Chicken: 719 Kcal | Protein 39g | Carbs 78g | Fat 27g 
With Vegetables: 505 Kcal | Protein 12g | Carbs 77g | Fat 15g

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