All Meat + Vegetarian Meal Bundle

All Meat + Vegetarian Meal Bundle

All Meat + Vegetarian Meal Bundle

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All meals will be delivered at once. Convenient & calorie counted Heat & Eat meals delivered at your doorstep. Perfect meals for office or home. You can heat in microwave or oven. Freshly made and beautifully packed in airtight eco-friendly containers that keep the food fresh for 5 days in your fridge.

Scroll down to see the set menu. You may choose 5 meals (Dinner or Lunch) or 10 meals (Lunch & Dinner). Free next day delivery.

Order now, save money and enjoy our delicious and gourmet meals at your convenience. No preservatives. Clean and fresh ingredients, convenient and affordable.

Lunch Menu:
Day 1: Chicken Asian Style Salad (404 Kcal | Protein 40g | Carbs 14g | Fat 22g)
Day2: Beef Tajine & Couscous (765 Kcal | Protein 26g | Carbs 62g | Fat 45g)
Day 3: Sea Bass Blanca & Spinach (747 Kcal | Protein 26g | Carbs 93g | Fat 30g)
Day 4: Prawn Coconut Curry & Quinoa (571 Kcal | Protein 34g | Carbs 65g | Fat 19g)
Day 5: Quinoa & Buckwheat Risotto (628 Kcal, Protein 20g, Carbs 77g, Fats 29g)

Dinner Menu:
Day 1: Beef Fajita and Red Rice (891 Kcal | Protein 42g | Carbs 61g | Fat 53g)
Day 2: Chicken & Braised Lentils (868 Kcal | Protein 49g | Carbs 52g | Fat 53g)
Day 3: Chipotle Kale Rigatoni (546 Kcal | Protein 9g | Carbs 75g | Fat 36g)
Day4: Tofu Pad Thai (643 Kcal | Protein 23g | Carbs 99g | Fat 17g)
Day 5: Prawn Pesto Fusilli (566 Kcal | Protein 30g | Carbs 76g | Fat 16g)

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