For Parties

19 products

    19 products
    Premium Seafood Platter
    AED 549.00
    Seafood Boil
    AED 99.00
    Marinated Salmon Fillet 1Kg
    AED 139.00
    Cauliflower Cream Party Soup
    AED 175.00
    Premium BBQ Box
    AED 699.00
    Marinated Tiger Prawns 1 Kg
    AED 125.00
    Marinated Whole Lobster
    AED 110.00
    Poached Octopus Tentacles with Chimichurri
    AED 59.00
    Marinated Jumbo Prawns
    AED 55.00
    Marinated Sea Bass
    AED 39.00
    Marinated Tiger Prawns 250g
    AED 35.00
    Marinated Shrimp Skewers
    AED 31.00
    Marinated Tuna Steak 200g
    AED 31.00
    Cocktail Prawns
    AED 29.00
    Marinated Salmon Fillet 180g
    AED 29.00
    Mussel Pot
    AED 69.00
    Fish Cake
    AED 23.00
    Marinated Mahi Mahi Fillet 200g
    AED 23.00
    Crab Stick with Dip
    AED 19.00
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